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Wastewater of individual industries often contains significant concentration of pollutants and to reduce them by individual treatment up to the desired concentration, become techno-economically difficult. The combined treatment provides a better and economical option because of the equalization taking place in the CETP. Amravati CETP commences its operation in 2016 and have treatment capacity of 5MLD.Facility is equipped with latest technologies in the field of waste water treatment. Plant has recycle facility and has RO plant. Filter press is installed to operate sludge from primary process. The proposed CETP will have ultimate capacity of 15 MLD which will be developed in phase wise manner. CETP expansion of present 5 MLD CETP to 15 MLD CETP with ultimate goal of zero discharge. Development from 5 MLD to 15 MLD capacity will be on modular basis.


  • Other benefits of common treatment include scarcity of land at the industry's level and a comparatively easier availability of professional and trained staff for the operation of CETP, which can otherwise be difficult, at the individual industry level.
  • For the regulatory authorities also, common treatment facility offers a comparatively easier means of ensuring compliance of stipulated norms.
  • Cost of Laboratory analysis & plant operation is less at common facility than the cost expenditure of individual units together Better occupational health and safety at individual industry level.

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